Review: NERVO – Collateral


For those still unfamiliar with this album, this is NERVO’s first studio album, titled “Collateral”. There are a total of 15 songs with a total playing time of 53 minutes. A lot of the songs are familiar but there are a few that are not so well known. They range from the dance floor anthems, absolute bangers that NERVO are known for to the refreshing change of pace both musically sound wise, lyrically as well. There are also some surprises on here as well.

Check out my track-by-track take on the album. :)

Starting off is “Bulletproof” featuring Harrison Miya. It’s a slower song but it actually starts off nice then jumps into it with a nice progression, not forced or overpowering. Lyrically it’s good. It’s something you can relate to but that’s all of their songs.

“Hold on” is a song that was sparked out of heartbreak, who can’t relate to that, on some level. The lyrics are solid & the melody is strong, it’s consistent from start to finish.

“Did We Forget” featuring Amba Sheperd is a song that is a change up from the typical big bangers but it still has the undertones of becoming an anthem.

“Oh Diana” is the unexpected song but it works because of the balance of light elements of the lyrical additions but also the heavy musically elements.

“Haute Mess” is the one song that you can admit you like without being judged. It’s fun, tongue-in-cheek & is bouncy, playful but not cheesy.

“Hey Ricky” is interesting but not offensive. It can be interpreted as a girls theme song but it’s meant to be playful & poke fun of “those boys” we all know all too well.

“Let It Go” featuring Nicky Romero is another interesting transition but it’s nice to see a different side, both lyrically as well as musically.

“Rainham Road” is one of those songs that are different then the usual songs NERVO is known for. Something that when you listen to it says ‘Ok. That was unexpected but that’s a good thing’.

“Rise Early Morning” featuring Au Revoir Simone has the potential of becoming a playlist staple. Lyrics are meaningful & the melody is catchy.

“The Other Boys” featuring Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears and Nile Rogers is a song that when you hear it, you can’t help but dance along to like all NERVO songs.

“Reason” featuring Hook N Sling is one of those songs that you instantly fall in love with, quickly play often. No matter what, it’s one of those songs that everyone can relate to. It’s lyrically sound, the melody is infectious.

“Right Thru Me” featuring JPark is something unique but it works. The lyrics are wonderful. The melody that even though is on the slower, more chill side, still has the energy to be a meaningful song that attracts the other side of all of us.

“You’re Gonna Love Again” is one of those songs that are game changers. A breathe of fresh air in a world full of the same boring music over, over. A take charge kind of song, who doesn’t love a commanding song that never gets old, no matter how many times it’s played.

“We’re All No One” (NERVO Goes To Paris Remix) featuring Steve Aoki & Afrojack is another song that you can’t help but to dance to. Its a guilty pleasure that will stand the test of time. It’s also the only remix on the album.

“It Feels” is the ending track but it’s far from ending. It’s one of those songs that are heartfelt & genuine, a song that changes everything. Listening to the track, day or night, reminds us of all of those positives vibes. And that even though sometimes life can be unfair, it’ll all work out in the end because after all, everything is collateral. It’s a wonderful feeling that a song can bring. Not to mention puts you in a instant good mood whenever you hear it.

In conclusion, this album is one that doesn’t disappoint. It has something for everyone whether it’s soft melodies, strong lyrics we all can relate to or big room drops that are killing dance floors everywhere. It’s well worth the wait, having spanned several years in the making. The journey has proved to be a memorable one, one that is far from over, shattering records both personally as well as professionally. Life should be a little nuts, now we have the perfect soundtrack for it. Enjoy!!

You can grab the album here.

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