Review: Project 46 – Beautiful


The pancake guys are here with brand new music! Yes you guessed it right, it’s Project 46, the guys behind some of the coolest tracks recently, who’ve come out with a highly anticipated album called ‘Beautiful’.

Check out my track-by-track take on the album below.

Last Chance featuring Kaskade – This track is exactly what big room should sound like right now. Absolutely brilliant track and the thumping bass line is sublime. The Kaskade influence is clearly visible.

Memories– Its got a really catchy melody. Great collaboration with Laidback Luke, who has always supported Project 46. Vocals are absolutely top class.

It hurts – Its a fairly decent effort from Project 46, however the level of the album is a little above the quality of this track and hence it disappoints.

Friend zone – Does sound like a lounge music track. That being said, it’s a fine effort in its own right. Top marks for trying something unique sound wise.

Take away the pain – Track has a soothing melody, aided by the impact. Overall it’s a nice progressive track.

Destroy me – Sounds like a very nice although slightly uncomfortable blend of two styles. Also slightly resembles an old Alesso track. However, diversity is the theme once again and great production technique is shown.

Search and rescue – The track has a fantastic build up. Good track and very good production technique.

I found you – This track is quite literally, beautiful. Melody and the vocals simply amazing. Jesse’s vocals steal the show here.

The truth – The track has so much more potential. Vocals are fabulous but the drop could have used more work and the end product slightly disappointed given the overall quality of the album.

Beat again – A very sort of breezy and easy listening track .Vocals are good and the drop complements the vocals very well.

Forgettable – Olivia’s vocals are absolutely divine. This track is one of the, if not the very best of the album. Very well produced too, it’s a difficult genre to capture and Project 46 along with Olivia totally own this track.

My only friend – A very different track. Electronic – rock influenced sound. Guitar is used very well.

Overall the album showcases a whole range of genres and shows how far Project 46 have come since they started out. Leaving aside a couple of tracks, the rest of the album is top class. Quality effort this.

You can grab the album here.

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