Album: Truth – Wilderness of Mirrors [Review]


New Zealand duo – Tristan and Andre, better known as Truth release their brand new album.


Released on the 19th of May 2017 on Disciple Records. “Wilderness of Mirrors” is sure to be filled with bass music goodies for all you bass lovers out there. The album consists of 14 tracks, featuring a host of stellar vocal talents. You’re in for a treat! This must be mentioned, the artwork of the album is on point. Let’s get straight into the album review with a track by track perspective.

You can purchase the album here.

Truth – Monster (Ft. Strikez)

We begin our music journey with “Monster” featuring the vocals of Strikez. “I feel a monster rising…..” Oh yeah reese basslines are the order of this track. I lurrrv me some of that reese. A proper dubstep track to kick us off into exploring the wilderness of mirrors……

Truth – Soldier (Ft. T Man)

Coming in next is “Soldier” featuring the talented T Man. This track carries through with an eerie, dark feel. The sinister piano melody mashed with the basslines and razor vocals prove to be a perfect combination. An interesting mix of dub, hip hop and trap elements can be heard.

Truth – The Moon

“The Moon” is the third track of the album. Things get abit more heavy on this song. UK dubstep influences all around. Mystically enshrouded in deep subs. The track has an eerie, classic horror movie feel, coupled with epic vocal samples. Touches of ominous bird call FX and sultry rolls of percussion create the soundtrack to our own motion picture thriller.

Truth – Lyrical Murderer (Ft. D Double E)

Next up is “Lyrical Murder” featuring D Double E on vocal duty. Getting into a dubstep track with attitude. I quite like the reverse melody featured on the track as it gives the song a dark, dirty feel. Trap elements are definitely present in the track since the guys make use of the infamous 808s. Love this track.

Truth – Wilderness Of Mirrors

Title track of the album comes in next – “Wilderness of Mirrors”. What a beauty of a track! I love the subs of this song dammit! Turn it up proper, allow yourself to soak in that bass. Truth keeps things interesting by incorporating a piano melody to the track, balancing out those basslines. Favourite song of this album right here!

Truth – War (Ft. Killa P)

Next up is “War”, killa killa killa boi! Truth teamed up with Killa P on vocals to present a bomb. You can hear some jungle elements on the track, which Killa P enhances with his vocal style. It is a pretty good track.

Truth – Stuck

Up next is “Stuck”, yet another dubstep gem for our auditory pleasure. I particularly love the percussion used on this track, an array of samples give the song dimension. Old school, offish, dusty melody adds a strange creepy vibe to the song, of course I mean that in a good way.

Truth – What A Day

“What a Day” is the next song where Truth gives us more mechanical basslines in their dubstep cavalry. Still dark and heavy though, however the vibe is more ethereal due to the occasionally spacey synth melodies. Thoroughly enjoyed this track.

Truth – Endless Universe

“Endless Universe” is the 10th track of the album. Keeping those eerie classic movie melodies and vocal samples give rise to yet another space vibe track. Love the airy Reese basslines but more upbeat compared to previous tracks. Transitions and sound design fills up the speakers with enough to space to let those subs breathe life into you. Another favourite of the album.

Truth – Run That (Ft. Jamakabi)

Truth teams up with Jamakabi on “Run That” creating a heavy dubstep cracker. Lots of interesting bassline wobbles that do not annoy your ears. I aint gotta say much about this since it will burn festivals down for sure.

Truth – Jack Ripper (Ft. Strikez)

The second collab with Strikez is “Jack The Ripper” as we take a brief break from the dubstep monsters to a drum and bass gem. Quick on breaks and dark on the vibes of the basslines. Truth opted to keep it minimal as are most of their tracks on the album, allowing the limelight to fall on those breaks and basslines.

Truth – Weird (Ft. Ill Chill & Lelijveld)

We are onto the second last track of the album which is “Weird” (ha haaaa….). This time, Truth collabs with Lelijveld and III Chill. The track is heavily influenced by hip hop. I like this one, cool vibes with intense lyrics. Chill and absorb those tunes, is what you need to do.

Truth – Inside Your Thoughts (Ft. Lelijveld)

“Inside Your Thoughts” – A mellow, chilled intro helps one to gently fall into a fantasy, cushioned by the sensual voice of Lelijveld. Absolutely soothing to the ear, a rich, soulful, tenderness piercing your soul. This is a beautiful song guys. It has bits of ambient, down-tempo vibes, amalgamating with jazzy elements. One of my favorites of the album. What a treat of a song to end off the album!

Truth are no strangers to building up an album and we can hear their story as we listen through “Wilderness of Mirrors”. Overall, I felt like the guys have done justice to the bass music genre, keeping things fresh whilst still staying true to their sound. Good job guys! This is a damn brilliant album, and you definitely need it in your life, so go and get it now.




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