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American bass music DJ/producer Vaski has finally decided that 2016 is the year to show us his new found sound in the form of an album.

Entitled “Night Sessions”, it his debut album, released this past week. Wow!! I’m quite impressed with this album. Showcasing a variety of elements within the bass music and beyond. A fresh collection of sounds to tantalize all lovers of the bass. Let’s take a deeper look into “Night Sessions”.

The opening track, “Pacific”, starts off with the sensational voice of Anna Yvette over an array of beating edgy synth layers. Gentle pads resonate through the spatial sound spectrum before we’re hit with the bass filled drop. Thickened by dubstep wobble basslines to give the trap composition edge. This track beautifully balances the gentle melodic breakdowns and the rough trapstep drop mixed in with sultry vocals and robotic calls. What a tune to start of our Night Session.

Next in is “Everybody Knows” things get more heavy. A trap tune with attitude. Oh yes you can definitely twerk to this one. The tune begins with synthy robotic vocal, a snare roll into the 808s section. Heavy bass that we love to hear.

“Los Angeles” is a real treat of a song. Something unexpected from Vaski, but I must say I like it. A much deeper, retro-like bassline hits us after the arcade intro. Definitely one of my favourite tunes of the album. I love the variety that Vaski has incorporated into the album, as heard in this tune.

“Ex Machina” is much more heavy. This song is sure to make the club shake from all of that bass. The tune incorporates dubstep elements in its drop. Can’t get enough of the arrangement.

“Willy Wonka” follows through giving off a spacey vibe. Once again the bass aspect is on point. Choice of sounds are amazing and all fit well to showcase the intent of the song, which of course is for you to decipher.

“Wake Up” also follows through with an uplifting spacey aeronautic vibe. Tinkling soft piano nots fill our ears with delight whilst the riser takes us into the bass filled drop. Heavy and not letting up, the rumble keeps your body moving. Its the shortest song of the at 2:06 but packs a huge punch.

“One Night Only” is more of a festival format song but it still doesn’t shy away from the intensity that’s needed from a trap tune. Alternating pitch increase and decrease arpeggio synth rolls on top of 808s makes this song high energy.

“Spin It Back” is a tune that’s definitely one to burn the festival down but can also do well in the club format. Incorporating housey key elements with trap.

“Molecules” is an absolutely beautiful song. Structured similarly like the opening track “Pacific”. Piano melodies over heavy basslines. Simply perfection.

To close off this incredible album is “Perculator”. Vaski ends off with an aggressive dubstep bomb. We are able to hear a little of the Vaski we used to know. This tune has a driving futuristic feel that allows one to shift away from reality and engulf themselves in the beat.

“Night Sessions” has undoubtedly showed off Vaski’s new found sound and he should really be proud of his achievement. Not too shabby for a debut album. Relevant and fresh but still different to what’s out there at the moment. You need to get yourself this album. Purchase it here.

You can stream the album below.

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