French trio Signs get a serious flip to their new EP by Host and CRIMES!


Signs are a drum & bass outfit well known for their 174 bpm riddims, with a back catalogue which has continued to dominate the darker realms.

The French trio have pushed forward their cut throat assault with every consecutive release, gracing the discographies of the independent imprints who are currently leading the creative processes within their scene, crafting their own influence across one of dance music most unforgiving genres. And this time, they’re set to drop an atomic sized release via the home grown Othercide:Subverse, the sister-label of Othercide Records. And together, they’ll demonstrate why there’s been growing interest within the French market, cutting above their European counterparts with the Bandulu EP.

One factor which has enabled Signs to push forward their sound is an unbridled sense of versatility. The Bandulu EP drops the tempo for two brand new records, 2/2 dancefloor slayers which slice open subs and leave bass peddles reverberating through speaker stacks.

The EP features two smashing remixes from Host and US-based CRIMES!, which we are stoked to premiere. CRIMES! brings a more melodic spin to Bandulu, with an extra-terrestrial underpinning, while Host moves Flexible into more minimal territories. Both reworks add another dimension to their predecessors and they bring yet more artists under the Othercide:Subverse umbrella. Together, they represent a new era for Othercide and the French dance music circuit. The scene is as healthy as it ever was and Othercide are leading the charge for yet another groundbreaking marker in its history.

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