Skrillex teams up with Utada Hikaru for “Kingdom Hearts III” theme song [LISTEN]

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We’ve seen Skrillex often showing a great liking for the gaming-music space these days.

It’s time for another cracker of a track from the superstar as he teases you with the upcoming release – “Face My Fears”, featuring Utada Hikaru. The tease came in as the trailer for the video game ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ was unveiled.

The critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts is finally back after keeping fans waiting for eleven years now. It is hugely popular in the US and in Japan, well, what better way to make a comeback than receiving a track from the biggest names in the industry.

The cinematic trailer gives you chills as the melodic production style brightens your heart! Displaying a mystical vibe, the video keeps you captivated with its colorful, powerful storyline. The music truly suits perfectly for the gaming space while also having the ability to get a huge crowd going crazy!

The collaboration between Skrillex and The Japan Times’ most influential artist of the decade, Utada Hikaru took shape after the former asked Utada if he could remix the song “Don’t Think Twice”, but ultimately led to the making of “Facing My Fears”. This is Utada’s fourth work for Kingdom Hearts series.

The full version of “Face My Fears” will release on the 19th of January in the form of a Single CD, while the video game ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ will be out on the 29th of January on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned!

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