Skrillex’s collaboration with Rihanna is on the way!


Lately American dub step, trap and electro house producer Skrillex hasn’t been able to stay away from his studio; definitely fans are glad about that.

This is quite evident by the fact that Skrillex has released 3 collaborations over the last few weeks and he’s not going to stop there. The recent releases included ‘Favor’ with Vindata and NSTASIA, ‘Saint Laurent’ with DJ Sliink and Wale, and ‘Would You Ever’ with Poo Bear.

The next one is going to be a biggie as this will be one of his biggest collaborations. Skrillex is working on something with Caribbean Queen, Rihanna, American hip-hop artist, Blackbear and Corporal. Balckbear’s Snapchat upload featured an unveiling picture with the caption, “wrote a song with rihanna skrillex corporal tonight in and it v good”.


With all these big names on the track, it is definitely going to be a magnificent. Skrillex’s tunes and Ri Ri’s soothing voice is a combination that we’ve all been waiting for!

This is all the information we have for you on the collaboration. Stay tuned for further updates.

Header image courtesy: YourEDM

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