Wippenberg – Neurodancer 2013 (available Dec 2)

Wippenberg - Neurodancer 2013
Wippenberg - Neurodancer 2013

German producer Wippenberg revisits “Nerodancer” and is set to release the 2013 version on December 2nd on Doorn Records. Wippenberg isn’t afraid to bend genres and with “Nerodancer 2013” he turns to a more gritty electro sound.

The melody is absolutely amazing, but the drop is where the song gets heavy. The melody is really calm and chill around the build up. You can really hear the underlying grinding during the build up. It picks up right before the drop which has the same underlying grinding sound but with a heavier bass kick.

This song is definitely genre bending for Wippenberg but its always great to see producers change styles and try something new. Check out the preview below: