Soupandreas And Inverness bring double the hit with – Hours


Soupandreas and Inverness have come together to create a hit new track titled, Hours.

The dynamic melody goes hand in hand with the uptempo beat set to perk the ears of all who listen. Hours will be featured on the Upcoming Monstercat Rocket League Album, Monstercat x Rocket League Vol. 3. Both American born DJs show us that years of experience leads to continued success. Be the first to listen to Hours!

Soupandreas’s Biography

Soupandreas is the solo work of producer/multi-instrumentalist Ethan Bailey. Influenced by electronic music and hip-hop as well as contemporary jazz and soul, Bailey crafts lush soundscapes that weave together danceable beats and catchy melodies into a diverse, yet distinct sound. At the age of 16, Bailey’s first release as Soupandreas, Life Goes On, caught the attention of the label Heroic Recordings as well as artists such as Mat Zo, Dillon Francis and Haywyre. His subsequent release, JSYK, gathered more widespread attention and caught the ear of online indie label Monstercat. After releasing Palette EP in the spring of 2016 and starting at music school, Soupandreas began putting out tracks on Monstercat which started to explore more styles and leaned further towards the cutting edge of electronic music.

Inverness’ Biography

Growing up in Inverness, Illinois, the electronic musician and producer inverness — aka Rob Nelsen — took his moniker after the city he was raised in. He began creating his own music and remixes from his bedroom in his early teens, but really developed his technique as a producer during his time at New York University. His music would be molded from the influences of dance music, chill trap, pop, and cinematic sound production that would form into a distinctive sound palette for the young artist.

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