It’s time to stop obsessing over Marshmello’s identity


An unknown masked producer named Marshmello surfaced out of the blue when his tracks ‘WaVeZ’ and ‘FinD Me’ received a lot of support from prominent names in the industry in 2015.

He also dropped the remixes of Zedd’s, ‘Beautiful Now’ and Jack Ü’s, ‘Where Are Ü Now’. Everyone was shocked as to how a random producer with very few tracks under his name got assigned the job of producing an official remix of Jack Ü’s hit.

The EDM world put on its Sherlock hat in search of the man behind the white helmet. People stalked him on every square inch of social media, they followed his every move and then they started drawing out suspect names. First, they analysed the style of music and the artist manager to narrow down a few names. Artists like Jauz and Martin Garrix were also a part of the suspect list.

On one end of the spectrum, there were some slips in the form of same birthday, identical tattoo, same first name, same artist manager etc., which accidentally led to the confirmation of the masked man’s identity. We shall respect him and not name him here even though we’ve been one of those curious detectives back in the day. While all this was happening, on the other end Marshmello was killing it with his collaborations with Omar LinX, Ookay, Jauz and Slushii. The masked producer also made waves on the charts with his smashing single ‘Alone’.

Right from day 1, Marshmello has said, “just enjoy the music, don’t worry about me”. Despite him stating this over and over again, the EDM world didn’t let him be and eventually found out Marshmello’s original identity.
Marshmello’s identity is EDM’s biggest open secret. Now what’s even more annoying here is the repeated surfacing of his identity on different social media platforms by different people. The EDM world goes crazy every time that happens. But in the end, the conclusion is the same. Writing an article on Marshmello’s identity every time is like writing an article on Voldemort every time Harry Potter gets a headache. We all know why it happens. Hence, you should just let Marshmello be. Stop talking about his real identity (if you don’t want him to haunt you at night). Get over it, now that you know it.

Marshmello makes groovy, synth and bass-heavy fun electronic dance music. He wants to make good music and wants everyone to have fun. That is what this project is all about. If you see him perform live, you really wouldn’t want to know who is under that mask. Once he takes his mask off, his live performances won’t be the same. You will never be able to associate that cute looking mask with his music again.

If you still want to know why he wears the mask here’s the answer from his right-hand Moe Shalizi.

“Purity. It’s clean. It’s Marshmello. The brand is about being happy. There’s so much negativity around us today, so why not give people something they can attach themselves to that’s just pure happiness,” Shalizi told Forbes during an interview a few months back.

To conclude, Marshmello wants us to dance to his fun & groovy music and be happy. The problem with today’s society is that we are so obsessed with the lives of celebrities and we can’t let them be. For once, let us respect Marshmello’s wish of keeping his original identity aside. According to him, “we are all Marshmello”. Everyone is equal. He is also one of us. He’s not an alien.

Listen up Mello Gang, we love his music. So, let’s just enjoy his music and have fun. Does the actual identity behind the mask really matter to you now? The next time anyone asks you about Marshmello’s identity, just reply, “He Who Must Not Be Named” or reply, “He’s also called S’mores”.

P.S., According to Selena Gomez, he’s cute below the mask too.

Listen to his latest collaboration with Selena Gomez ‘Wolves’ below and #KeepItMello:

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