Mix Of The Week: Courts

edm mix june 2024

This week’s featured mix takes us on a sonic journey through the evolving soundscapes of Courts, the stage name of Dutch EDM producer Sander van Werkhooven.

Starting his musical endeavors at a tender age, Courts’ progression from a budding artist fascinated by David Guetta’s beats to a recognized name in the EDM community is both inspiring and noteworthy.

The mix kicks off with the ethereal vibes of the “Fall Apart (Courts Remix),” a collaborative piece with Sazu & Undy, setting a high bar for what follows. As we dive deeper, the track “Angel Dust” with Dare County introduces a gritty blend of progressive house infused with dreamy pop elements, showcasing Courts’ ability to blend genres seamlessly.

Midway through, the mix transitions into “I Like You (Am I Alright)” with Moyan, a perfect example of Courts’ recent shift towards a more radio-friendly, pop EDM style marked by retro synths and punk-inspired guitars. The inclusion of several remixes for prominent artists like The Chainsmokers and Alok, notably the “High (Courts Remix),” which was featured in Japan, highlights his rising influence in the global EDM scene.

Each track in the mix not only offers a glimpse into the diverse capabilities of Courts but also his growth as a producer, continuously adapting and refining his sound to captivate listeners worldwide.


00:00 – Sazu & Undy – Fall Apart (Courts Remix)
02:44 – Courts & Dare County – Angel Dust
05:53 – Courts & Moyan – I Like You (Am I Alright)
08:53 – GhostDragon – The Heat (Courts Remix)
11:32 – Koastle – Out The Blue (Courts & CharlieWonder Remix)
14:27 – The Chainsmokers & Alok – Jungle (Sunset City & Courts Remix)
17:48 – The Chainsmokers – iPad (Courts Remix)
20:45 – A Story Told – Love It Here (Courts Remix)
24:02 – The Chainsmokers – High (Courts Remix)


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