Mix Of The Week: DEADLIFE

darksynth mix by deadlife

DEADLIFE a.k.a. Ed Hawx has proven to be a hugely prolific artist over the last few years.

Across seven full-length albums, he has helped to drive the synthwave scene forwards with a particular penchant for the shadowy end of the spectrum that has become known as dark synth. The former drummer is a self-taught producer with a real mastery of his machines and software, which has seen him become one of the most exciting and influential names in the scene. Some try to make comparisons to leading artists like Sebastian, Com Truise, and Kavinsky, but DEADLIFE goes his own way, building on the traditions of Vangelis, Underworld, and Daft Punk and taking them far into the future with his own sense of style. The sound of DEADLIFE appeals to anyone who loves dark melodies and hard-hitting electronic beats.

To further introduce Darksynth as a genre, DEADLIFE takes over this week’s mix of the week. Learn more about the sound, here.


00:00 DEADLIFE – Deviant
05:17 Midnight Danger – Stranger Days
10:08 Power Glove – Streets of 2043
14:37 DEADLIFE – Downpour
18:32 DEADLIFE – A Dream Drawn from the Sheath
22:02 Volkor X – Atomic Dust
24:48 Perturbator – Miami Disco
29:06 Dance With the Dead – Diabolic
32:52 DEADLIFE – Young Fury, Endure
36:34 Carpenter Brut – Le Perv
40:49 We Are Magonia – Terror
43:46 Gost – Within
45:04 Electric Dragon – Ghoul Precinct
49:00 Dan Terminus – Pegasus Pro Ultra Fusion
53:12 Perturbator – Ghost Dancers Slay Together
58:19 DEADLIFE – Carbon Cult


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