Mix Of The Week: DEVREE

Latest Songs By DEVREE

DEVREE aka ‘Captain Laserhat’ is where Techno music and partying reign supreme!

Not only does he produce and perform electrifying sets, but he also orchestrates the unforgettable FOUX Festivals, where his signature sound and showmanship truly shine. With a passion for creating and curating an immersive experience, DEVREE is the mastermind behind every aspect of his act, delivering nothing short of pure, unadulterated excitement for his fans.

Having played in legendary nightclubs to epic festivals, DEVREE’s DJ sets are a thrilling fusion of his own production and tracks from his idols. Infused with tough kicks and groovy bass lines, each set is a journey that keeps the listener captivated. The seamless alternation of different styles of techno keeps partygoers on their toes, and expertly timed climaxes induce moments of pure euphoria, igniting the crowd. With a blend of uplifting and driving tracks, DEVREE keeps the energy high and pushes the limits with daring out-of-the-box tunes that leave the audience craving more by the end of each set.

DEVREE takes over the 202nd edition of T.H.E – Podcasts with an electrifying all-original mix, tune in!

Latest Songs By DEVREE

00:00 DEVREE – Acidentesiast
03:50 DEVREE – Anhedonia
08:27 DEVREE – Throttle
13:00 DEVREE – Bruxism
19:33 DEVREE – Dekseldop
25:36 DEVREE – Clockwork


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