Mix Of The Week: Earthenware

latest songs by earthenware

Releasing tracks on renowned labels like Awen Tales, Duenia, Grey Bar, Kulto, Obenmusik, Vagabond, and more. Earthenware has been featured on the the Top 100 Beatport with his Melodic House & Techno releases.

Hailing from Brazil, producer, DJ and remixer, Earthenware brings a truly global electronic music proposal. It is part of a new generation of artists that defends musicality and creativity in music.

He promises to bring memorable melodies and unique tones for your audience to enjoy. In his tracks, the most individual and identical brand is his sound loaded with unique feelings and emotions. These characteristics make your audience have fun, dance and feel emotions. Making it even more attractive to everyone who listens to it.

Earthenware seeks the best in its profession, always up to date, looking for the best ways to please its audience and its fans. That is why he is very dedicated and never content with what he has, always looking to become a better professional.

Brazilian talent ‘Earthenware’ takes over the 192nd edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, tune in!

Latest Songs By Earthenware

00:00 Earthenware – Presente (Intro)
09:45 Earthenware – Amor
16:15 Earthenware – Face
21:00 Earthenware, Tavares Gui – Away
25:41 Earthenware, Tavares Gui – See The Future
30:00 Kiantek – Blood Roses (Earthenware Remix)


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