Mix Of The Week: F-Word

breaks mix 2024

F-Word, a trailblazer in the breakbeat genre, recently took center stage in the 263rd edition of T.H.E – Podcasts.

Born in the USSR and currently residing in Phuket, Thailand, F-Word has carved a niche for himself within the electronic music sphere with his eclectic and energetic mixes. His early musical influences span Hardcore, Jungle, Funk, underground Hip-Hop, and IDM, all of which have helped him hone a diverse and dynamic sound.

F-Word’s musical journey began during his school years when he first started crafting his own breakbeat tracks. His obsession with the art of DJing soon followed, viewing his complex mixes as unique sonic canvases that showcase his individuality and experimental spirit. Today, F-Word is renowned for organizing Phuket’s iconic UK Garage and Bass parties known as SUB, aiming to unite people through the universal language of music.

In his latest podcast episode, F-Word delivers an electrifying mix of breakbeats that include both original tracks and high-octane remixes. From the gripping opener “Standout” with Hexadecimal to the invigorating “Let Yourself Go,” each track is a testament to his mastery and innovative approach to electronic music. Tune in to experience F-Word’s unique ability to create sonic journeys that resonate worldwide, from underground parties to the biggest radio stations.


00:00 F-WORD & Hexadecimal – Standout
02:18 F-WORD – Quite Normal
04:14 F-WORD – Last Party (Kraymon Remox) (feat. Julia Marks)
05:34 F-WORD – Running Out Of Stock (Under Break Remix)
06:46 Bangor – Bounce (F-WORD Remix)
10:03 F-WORD – Last Party (feat. Julia Marks)
11:30 Chevy One – Anthemic Rooster (F-WORD Remix)
13:26 Intiman – From The Cops (F-WORD Remix)
16:27 F-WORD – Pandora (VIP Mix)
18:23 F-WORD – Catch Me
19:21 F-WORD & Borka FM – Straight To The Lights
21:03 F-WORD & Borka FM – Straight To The Lights (Wicked Wes Remix)
22:16 Ross Isaac – Bass Gods (F-WORD Remix)
23:57 F-WORD – Excelsior
25:24 F-WORD – Sweet Lovin’
27:14 F-WORD – Give Me The Beat
28:56 F-WORD – Let Yourself Go


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