Mix Of The Week: Himbrecht

latest songs by himbrecht

Born in 1992 on the ruins of communist Romania, Mihnea Berechet grew up to be synonymous with deep, melodic electronic music, attention to detail and a rather twisted sense of humour.

Having started making music as early as 12, Himbrecht has allowed himself to carefully study Electronic Music composition and production, steadily honing his sound and skills. His releases are centred around production rather than packaging, thus organically engaging listeners and creating a community over the years. Some of the labels he’s worked with are Armada, Natura Sonoris or Nie Wieder Schlafen and his production credits span over various areas, from TV to film and back to audio production and editing.

Himbrecht takes over the 208th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts with all of his originally produced tracks, tune in!

Latest Songs By Himbrecht

00:00 Himbrecht – All I Need
05:06 Himbrecht – Fall Apart
11:15 Himbrecht – Biggest Hurt
15:06 Himbrecht – Fuss
20:00 Himbrecht – None Better
00:00 Himbrecht – Honestly


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