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latest songs by lupe republic

Lupe Republic, a DJ and producer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his venture into electronic music in early 2016, exploring various genres such as organic house, progressive, deep & melodic house, as well as downtempo and techno, showcasing his versatility.

In 2021, Lupe released his debut EP titled “Radiant Heart” under the label “Or Two Strangers,” owned by Antrim. The EP garnered support from renowned artist Hernán Cattaneo, who featured tracks from the EP in episodes #504 and #511 of his Resident series.

Being a musical explorer, Lupe’s sound has resonated in numerous cities worldwide, including Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Mexico City, Miami, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Barcelona, Andorra, Ibiza, Sydney, and Cagliari.

Throughout his career, Lupe has shared the stage with notable international artists such as Kolombo, Lost Desert, Thomas Schumacher, Delamare, Los Suruba, Nick Warren, Yamil, Jo.Ke, and Pan-Pot.

In 2022, Lupe took a significant step forward as a producer, with his music being featured on renowned labels such as Songuara, Amulanga, When Dip, XYZ, Circle of Life, Or Two Strangers, 3rd Avenue, Café de Anatolia LAB, Ready Mix Record, and Future Avenue.

Argentinian DJ/Producer Lupe Republic takes over the 209th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts. Tune in!

Latest Songs By Lupe Republic


00:00 Lupe Republic, Manu Lopez Sound – ID
04:00 Lupe Republic, Mariano Montori – ID
08:00 Lupe Republic, Chustek – ID
14:00 Lupe Republic, Mariano Montori – ID
19:30 Lupe Republic, Oliver&Tom – ID
27:00 Superpitcher – In My Head (Lupe Republic, Manu Lopez Sound Edit)


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