Mix Of The Week: Mr. Bose

techno house mix 2022

Shiladitya Bose, who goes by the moniker of Mr. Bose, is a 26-year-old Drummer/ Dj and dance music producer from Kolkata, India.

He specialises in Afro and progressive house music. He is known solely for pulsating the audience with his tunes and his live set, which includes percussions of various kinds has swiftly gained popularity over the years. The artiste aims to bridge the gap between electronic dance music, percussive afro, house, and Indian music.

The 26-year-old music aficionado takes over this week’s ‘Mix of the Week’ with his favorite Melodic House & Techno tunes.


00:00 GOOM GUM – Jois
07:10 Ran Salman – Utopia
11:06 Arm In Arm – Hunger For Your Vibe (Moonrock Remix)
15:10 Violand, Monostone – Elude (Monostostone Remix)
20:50 Stylo, Haptic – Your Time Has Come
26:30 Dnox, Stereo – Underground Dolby
32:02 Alain Fanegas, Tomy Wahl – You Are Sky
37:25 Theus Mago – Stadium Flutes
42:19 Budakid- Walkman (Bufi Remix)
47:00 ID – ID –
52:00 8kays – Triangles


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