Mix Of The Week: Nick Minieri

Latest Songs By Nick Minieri

When it comes to music, Nick Minieri is basically a chameleon; his tastes and interests change constantly to compliment his frenetic, fast-paced lifestyle. We’ve got the latest songs by Nick Minieri

With some roots firmly planted in house, uk garage, and drum and bass, this daytime graphic designer is drawn to any sound as long as there’s a pulse, a colorful melody, some soul, and most importantly some SWING. Hailing from Boston, Nick’s been at it for over two decades, and as long as coffee continues to exist, isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon.

Nick has released on a variety of different labels including 2tuf4u, Soul Clap, Misplaced, U Don’t Dance, The Seed, Bellissima, Juicy Traxxx, and Driven AM under his drum and bass alias “NM+”. He also actively DJs around Boston and is an avid vinyl collector (but not in a purist way, he also stans flash drives and Pioneer big time). In previous years Nick also did event photography, ran a popular local music blog called Beantown Boogiedown, and a small record label called Zakim.

The US-based Avid Vinyl Collector & DJ, Nick Minieri takes over the 170th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, tune in!

Latest Songs By Nick Minieri

00:00 Nick Minieri: Spec Bump
03:06 Nick Minieri: Loose Leaf
06:26 Nick Minieri: Perfect Attendance
09:30 Nick Minieri: NYC Bike Pals
12:18 Nick Minieri: As You Noted
16:22 Nick Minieri: Next Steps
21:09 Nick Minieri: Sway This Way
23:24 Nick Minieri: Capable Hands
26:06 Nick Minieri: Skipless Skratch Tool
28:29 Nick Minieri: Trackless Trolley


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