Mix Of The Week: Raffaele del Zingaro

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Raffaele del Zingaro, born in the vibrant city of Naples, has carved out a significant presence in the international electronic dance music (EDM) scene since his career kickoff in 2007.

With an innate curiosity for new sounds and a passion deeply rooted in music, headphones have become an essential part of his everyday life, facilitating his endless exploration of sonic landscapes.

Del Zingaro’s musical influences are as eclectic as they are profound, drawing heavily from the pulsating rhythms of Northern European genres like Hard Dance, Jump Style, Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Tribal House, and Tech House. Although his love for EDM, Hard Style, Psy Trance, and Tribal EDM is evident in his sets, his primary focus remains on spinning tracks that define the international EDM music scene.

Educationally, Raffaele is well-equipped with a degree in ‘Producer of Music and Live Performer’ from the NUT Academy of Electronic Music and Digital Arts, complemented by certifications in Cubase from Steinberg and Ableton Live. These qualifications not only underline his technical expertise but also his practical understanding of music production and live performance.

His professional journey began as a resident DJ at Duel Club, a renowned venue in Naples ranked No. 91 in the DJ Mag Top 100 clubs, where he honed his skills and developed a reputation for his dynamic performances. Over the years, his career has seen him perform in various clubs, events, and radio shows, both across Italy and on the international stage. His collaborations with notable artists like DJ From Mars and Cristian Marchi have further solidified his position in the music industry.

Currently, Raffaele serves as the creator, coordinator, and artistic director of “4 The Beat,” the sole EDM music movement in Naples, which he spearheaded to nurture and promote the genre in his hometown. His continuous involvement in the music scene ensures that his performances remain fresh, innovative, and perfectly in tune with the dynamics of any venue.

This week, Raffaele del Zingaro takes over the 259th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts. For those tuned into the rhythms of the EDM world, his set promises to be a masterful blend of beats and an exhibition of his refined musical tastes.


00:00 Raffaele del Zingaro – Hit the Lights
02:36 Raffaele del Zingaro – Insula Alba
06:16 Raffaele del Zingaro – Over Drive
10:56 Raffaele del Zingaro – Gloria Mundi
14:08 Raffaele del Zingaro – Late night
16:40 Raffaele del Zingaro – Techno Tuesday
20:20 Raffaele del Zingaro – Prague
23:56 Raffaele del Zingaro & Jumphertz – Dominvs


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