Mix Of The Week: SANJAY

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SANJAY’s musical journey began as a quest for freedom, and his vision is to propel people into discovering their own sense of liberation.

He enters the electronic scene with Initiation, an album blending tribal rhythms, bohemian soul influenced by hip hop’s golden era, and transcendent vocals.

Born to Indian migrants, SANJAY recalls not fitting in and feeling invisible as a child ~ until music entered his life. His dedication to music was nourished through producing, engineering, and playing in bands, while also periodically taking invaluable spiritual detours. Learning from indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest, gypsies from Rajasthan, India, and Native American groups stateside, Sanjay began to notice the common thread of joy and ‘celebration between these cultures ~ understanding that his purpose is to bring this into his music.

Initiation is SANJAY’s first solo work, guiding others through their own personal explorations, fears, and resurrection. It is SANJAY’s great privilege to be able to present a debut that is true to his core ethos: Music is Medicine.

To share a glimpse of his favourite deep and afro house sounds, SANJAY takes over this week’s “Mix Of The Week”.


00:00 Yuksek, Bertrand Burgalat – Icare (Yuksek Remix)
02:50 Blondish – WA IS DA WA
05:55 Chus & Ceballos, Dennis Crus – The Sun
08:20 Bonar Bradberry – Ain’t Me (Original Mix)
11:26 Lex Luca – Bounce (Orignal Mix)
14:22 Zakir -Save the Children (David Mayer Remix)
17:43 David Keno – Ananas (Original mix)
20:05 ONNO – Some Mo (Martin Landsky Remix)
21:35 Claptone – The Dums (feat. George Kranz)
24:30 XOA – Diaspora (Laolu Remix)
26:30 &ME – Cape Coast (Original Mix)
29:20 Nicola Cruz – Tzantza (Simple Symmetry Remix)
31:00 Oliver Giacomotto, Thomas Gandey – Something You Should Know
34:30 Andrea Crom, Thanh – Black Rain (Original Mix)
38:40 Andrea Crom, Thanh – So Serious (Original Mix)
41:00 OC & Verde – Solstice (Original Mix)
44:45 David Keno, Dalson – Debbie Row (Original Mix)
48:21 Silvano Del Gado – From Jamaica to Brasil
52:30 Purple Disco Machine – Dished (Male Stripper)
55:35 Dino Lenny, ARTBAT – Sand In Your Shoes (Original Mix)
59:00 Moonwalk – Zed (Original Mix)
62:30 Marimbo – Marimbo (Original Mix)
66:00 Honey Dijon, Tim K. – Thunda feat. John Mendelsohn

Stream his latest EP, here.


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