Mix Of The Week: Savaggio

latest songs by savaggio

Toni Savaggio, a nomadic DJ and wandering minstrel who hails from Berlin. He started his journey on the streets of Berlin and eventually found his way into the clubs.

Moving from one dancefloor to another, he crafted and adorned beats and basslines on the go. Some of the notable venues he has performed in include Kater Blau and Ritter Butzke in Berlin, Chateau Perché in France, The Great Wall of China, and House of Yes in NYC. Along the way, he collaborated with talented musicians like Mount Mike from Melbourne, Dark Arps from Vancouver, and Kostiya from Hong Kong. His music has been released on renowned labels such as Magician On Duty, Suprematic, ThreeRecords, Submarine Vibes, Suckmusic, and Natura Viva. Currently residing in Cornwall, he invites everyone to come and experience his musical magic.

Savaggio takes over the 206th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts with a melange of originals & edits, tune in!

Latest Songs By Savaggio

00:00 Kostiya & Savaggio – Cure (Original Mix)
07:20 Dark Arps, Savaggio, Kostiya – Kathryn (Savaggio Mix)
14:41 Dark Arps, Savaggio, Kostiya – April (Savaggio Mix)
20:59 Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby – Koma Kobache (Mount Mike & Savaggio Booty)
27:20 Hans Zimmer – Now We Are Free (Mount Mike & Savaggio Booty)
31:12 Kostiya – Kind (Dark Arps & Savaggio Rework)


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