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DJ ABYSS Unveils New Single, ‘Azowax’

The fresh released new single 'Azowax' is taken from the upcoming Album "Into The Abyss" by DJ ABYSS. The track convinces with a mixture...
andy's echo another level

Andy’s Echo Drops, ‘Another Lover’ EP

The dynamic narrative of classic song structures, fused with the magic monotony of a banging four-on-the-floor kickdrum: Barely
anyone excelled in this art more than...

Martin Waslewski Unveils ‘Switch’ EP

Martin Waslewski drops his new "Switch EP". A Work of Art (for your club or festival). If ever a label deserved awe and respect,...

It’s A Wrap The Prophet Announces The End Of His Multi-Decade Career

After more than 35 years of making music and performing, the time has come for DJ The Prophet to wrap up his career. ...

Can Coaxial Cables Be Used As Speaker Cables?

The audiovisual world can be a complicated one at even the best of times. Competing hi-fi brands and an ever-growing set of devices and...