YouTube Music debuts in India

The wait is over! Whether you want to find more of the music you love or effortlessly discover new favorites, it’s all here!

Here’s how Spotify is improving your streaming experience

Music is known to affect the brain and your mood in many fascinating ways. Research indicates that music stimulates emotions. Well, that is no surprise, and the 2018 Spotify Wrapped, has highlighted all the moods by age based on the streaming of mood–themed playlists, and capitalised on that by creating a special playlist for its listeners. Every year has its ups and downs, but the 2018 Spotify Wr...

News: Deadmau5 Live on iPhone!

deadmau5 – electronic musician & technology pioneer – delivers a subscription based digital destination he personally architected for fans to get direct access to premium content and intimate experiences. With new music, live streams, chat boards…as deadmau5 puts it, “Everyone can enter and lurk”.

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