Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Cercle Invites Miss Monique For Live-Streamed Concert At The Montreal Biosphere

In what shall be the last show of the year inside the impressive dome, the show will take place at the Montreal Biosphere, a...

Zedd Announces Worldwide Livestream Of The Clarity Orchestra Concert On October 9, 2022

Last month, Zedd announced that in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of his legendary track ‘Clarity’, he will be performing live with a 50-piece...

We Are OFK: An Interactive Series Based On A Virtual Band

With many aspects of life making the move to an online experience, perhaps it’s no surprise to see that we can now follow a...

REZZ Announces She’s Working On Developing Her Own ‘Festival-Type’ Event For 2023

Earlier this week, REZZ took to social media to share her excitement and reveal she is working on developing her own ‘festival-type’ curated event...

Jarod Glawe And Rave Republic Drop Disco Anthem “Dance To The Rhythm” Featuring Chicago...

With four releases under his belt thus far for 2022, Chicago producer Jarod Glawe returns with a disco inspired tune titled, “Dance to the...