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Global Online Music Broadcasting Giant Boiler Room Returns To India

We have some big news here! The global online music broadcasting giant Boiler Room is returning to India.

Boiler Room has nearly tripled in its average viewing time, in 5 years

Since its inception, the Boiler Room audience has grown from 10 million to a phenomenal 303 million, with each session having an average viewing time of 14 minutes.

The story of Boiler Room – From an isolated London music project to a global broadcasting platform for underground music

Boiler Room, the minute we utter these two words, the immediate picture that gets painted in your head is of a dark room or a basement packed with people dancing and swinging their fans while an artist plays music right off an open deck, while dancing amongst the crowd.

Boiler Room X Budweiser Discover What’s Brewing… visits Delhi this May

Boiler Room and Budweiser continue their Indian sojourn, with a special focus on house music in a city that loves its dance music.

Boiler Room returns to India, this time to Bengaluru

After an extremely successful Mumbai edition, Boiler Room is back and this time it’s going down in Bengaluru, with an explosive line-up as far as experimental and cutting-edge music is concerned.

[Review] Budweiser x Boiler Room presents: What’s Brewing in Mumbai

If you’re into electronic music, you’re probably familiar with Boiler Room, a global online music broadcasting platform streaming live music sessions around the world. It has made a rapid transformation from a cool house party on the internet to one of the most important opportunities for DJs and artists to showcase their skills. It’s a simple but really effective setup that’s captured some of the...

4 reasons why you should RSVP to Budweiser x Boiler Room presents: What’s Brewing in Mumbai

In anticipation of the debut Boiler Room session in Mumbai, India presented in association with Budweiser, we thought it would be fitting to give you a few reasons why you should definitely RSVP to the event.

Boiler room is set to make its debut in India

Home to some of the most prolific artists dishing out their work in the dance music spectrum, Boiler Room is a global online music broadcasting platform streaming live music sessions around the world. Boiler Room broadcasts over 30 gigs a month to more than a million people around the world. It holds a definitive place in the dance music community serving as a major platform to the underground sid...

Jan Blomqvist drafted in for Boiler room session in Berlin

Amidst his on-going ‘Remote Control’ album tour, Jan Blomqvist is to shake up the Berlin Techno scene with a highly-anticipated Boiler Room session in his home town.

Le Fleur – Boiler Room, 5 Years of Power Plant, Mixmag Lab & Radio 1

Like all the best flowers, La Fleur is coming into full bloom this summer. The Swedish DJ, producer and Watergate resident has been building to bursting point recently with the five year celebration of her label Power Plant, a much talked about set streamed on the MixmagLab and a standout set for Heidi on BBC Radio 1.

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