Daun Giventi

Daun Giventi teams up with Aressa & Erika K in Empyrean

Longstanding Enhanced Progressive favourite Daun Giventi leads an exciting new collaboration on the label, introducing two new names in Aressa & Erika K, Daun Giventi is back with the exceptional Empyrean.

Daun Giventi opens his 2018 with Valkyrie

US producer Daun Giventi bursts back on Enhanced Progressive with a sensational new tune bringing the San Francisco-based producer’s delicate, yet powerful sound back on to the label, this is ‘Valkyrie’.

Daun Giventi – Memories EP

American producer Daun Giventi is on the up and up, and has once again proved his worth, marching onwards in his relentless rise through the Trance ranks with a brand new 2-track EP showcasing the California-native’s exceptional Progressive style in ‘Echodrome / Memories’.

Daun Giventi – Ponyo

One of Enhanced Progressive’s most exciting, newly unearthed talents is undoubtedly US producer Daun Giventi. Introducing himself on the label with ‘Oceanside’ back in 2015, followed by his stella EP ‘Perpetual Motion / Sutra’ in early 2016, Daun returns this Summer with the mesmerisingly beautiful ‘Ponyo’.

Daun Giventi – Oceanside (Original Mix) [Enhanced Music]

San Francisco may not be the first name to come up when you talk about Progressive Trance hometowns, but Daun Giventi has been slowly changing that.

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