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Dirty South announces remix competition for his album – XV

Esteemed Serbian-Australian producer Dirty South has delivered a very special remix competition for his latest album, the widely acclaimed XV.

Dirty South releases new ‘XV’ album marking 15 years at the top

Celebrating 15 years at the very top of the industry, esteemed Serbian-Australian producer Dragan Roganovic aka Dirty South, has unveiled his brand new studio album, the aptly titled – XV.

Zoo Brazil feat. Niara – Never Had

What be this new voodoo that Zoo do then?! The answer, simply, is ‘Never Had’ – John ‘Zoo Brazil’ Andersson’s astonishing comeback to the dance music scene.

Dirty South performs an acoustic version of “Find A Way”, starts World Tour

Following the release of his huge single “Find A Way” ft. Rudy, the Grammy nominated Dirty South is embarking on a worldwide tour named after the track.

Dirty South feat. Rudy – Find A Way (Original Mix) [Phazing]

The newest track from Dirty South, “Find A Way”, features vocals by Rudy, an enchanting melody and emotive lyrics.

Dirty South releases 4444 set from Avalon

Dirty South drops an extended 4 hour and 44 Minute set on the 4th of July and gives it out exclusively as a free download.

T.H.E Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Albums of 2014

2014 saw more and more artists release studio albums. Some were good, some were very good, and some shouldn’t have been released in the first place. If you’re thinking about which album is worth your time and bandwidth, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out our Top 10 Albums of 2014 (In no particular order).

Review: Dirty South – With You

Celebrated DJ/Producer Dirty South recently released an album, along with a musical, titled ‘With You’.

News: Watch the Trailer for Dirty South’s Dramatic New Short Film ‘With You’!

The house DJ, who recently signed to Astralwerks, is bolstering his fall album release by pairing it with a movie he wrote, shot and directed.

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