Krazy Kat feat. Elkka (Armin van Buuren Remix)

The legendary Armin van Buuren has returned to his remixing duties after prior release of his artist album “Intense” and hot on the heels of his forthcoming “Intense (The More Intense Edition)” remixed version of his artist album. Though on the other production foot, his latest personal remix effort is a sheerly atmospheric-heights-inducing take on Kat Krazy‘s wicked clean production “Siren” featu...

Kat Krazy feat. elkka – Siren (Kill the Buzz Remix)

The Dutch duo of Kill The Buzz is back on the remix duties, this time on Armada Records with Kat Krazy’s latest single “Siren.” Just as the same suggests, the precise drop aims to mimic an anthem-like, radiating sound. The vocals of elkka are on point and set the tone for the track’s fist-pumping progression with ease. Setting the stage on their top records, Kill The Buzz hit the sweet spot on thi...

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