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Michael Badal – Reminisce (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

The immensely talented Michael Badal is finally back on Lange Recordings with the brilliantly nostalgic ‘Reminisce’.

Novan – Melina (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

European duo Novan bring their refreshingly unique Trance & Progressive style to Lange Recordings for the first time with ‘Melina’.

Vander & Thomas – Drifting/Vanquish EP [Lange Recordings]

American duo Vander & Thomas return to Lange Recordings with their first two-track EP, ‘Drifting / Vanquish’.

Tempo Giusto – Dynamo (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Tempo Giusto is back with his latest chunk of hefty Tech Trance, this time delivering the beautifully dynamic ‘Dynamo’.

Ben Stone & Martin Sand – Black Sails (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Polish producer Ben Stone teams up with fellow countryman Martin Sand to bring their first collective release, ‘Black Sails’ to Lange Recordings.

Stephen Kirkwood – Homeland (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Stephen Kirkwood returns to Lange Recordings with ‘Homeland’ – a nod to his native Scotland. Stephen’s latest track brings the producer’s Tech Trance style back to the label.

Monoverse – Gargantua (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Rising American Trance producer Monoverse returns to Lange Recordings with the follow-up to last year’s impressive collab with Adam Shornys. This is ‘Gargantua’.

Bigtopo – Iker (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Spanish producer Bigtopo will be a name familiar to Trance fans with a string of recent releases across a wide range of Trance label’s. We welcome him back to Lange Recordings with his next slice of gorgeous melodic Trance, ‘Iker’.

Tempo Giusto – Spatter Analysis (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Hot from the recent release of ‘Benzin’ which saw major support from the likes of Simon Patterson & Paul van Dyk, Tempo Giusto has proved once again with ‘Spatter Analysis’ that he’s one of the most adept at putting together dark and brooding tech-trance monsters.

Vander & Thomas – As One! (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Vander & Thomas follow up the stellar ‘Vitality’ on Lange Recordings with another pounding release in the form of ‘As One!’.

Anske – Little Dreamer EP [Lange Recordings]

Lithuanian native, Anske, has been steadily making a name for himself with a combination of elegantly produced, intricate and melodically pleasing tracks.

Ariel & Danilo, Bigtopo – Clubbing (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

Fast becoming their second home, Lange Recordings welcomes Ariel & Danilo back with open arms on their next track with fellow Argentinian talent, Bigtopo.

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