Peppermint Heaven

Peppermint Heaven Share Retro-Influenced, Dance-Pop New Single – New Moons

Juno and Spark, the artists behind the critically acclaimed indie-dance duo, have never hidden their passion for British sounds.

Peppermint Heaven explore 80’s synth pop in “Lessons In Love”

Following a number of high-profile remixes in 2018, Los Angeles-based duo Peppermint Heaven are ready to release their stunning new album “Perfect Things”.

Chords takes on a rare 4×4 remix from Retro-Indie band Peppermint Heaven

Always comfortable in unfamiliar territory.. New talent on the RAM Records scene Chords takes on a rare 4×4 remix from Retro-Indie band Peppermint Heaven.

Premiere: Peppermint Heaven – More Than Me

Juno & Spark AKA Peppermint Heaven, are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Their unique brand of 80’s style indie-pop has earned them a cult following in the six years since their first meeting. Now, back with their second full-length album ‘Curious Things’, the band have took their retro sound firmly into 2017..

Peppermint Heaven – Stranger Than Fiction EP

Peppermint Heaven have come a long way from their first meeting in the summer of 2011. Having independently relocated from Chicago to LA, Juno and Spark first met to see if their musical visions would click. And it did much more than that.

Peppermint Heaven – Words Colliding (Lynx Remix)

Since emerging at the forefront of the drum & bass scene in 2007, Lynx has established a reputation for high quality productions with an innovative edge and DJ sets to match.

Peppermint Heaven – Talk To Me (Lynx Remix)

Ever the maverick.. One of Hospital Records’ most leftfield signings takes on an 80’s style piece of retro-pop from Chicago band Peppermint Heaven.

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