Rave Culture

Dutch Wonder-kid Maurice West Releases Festival Banger, ‘In The Zone’

Maurice West may only be 22 years old, but this hasn’t stopped him from producing some of the most sophisticated big room tracks of the year.

W&W And Blasterjaxx Join Forces To ‘Let The Music Take Control’

As two of dance music’s most exciting duos, W&W and Blasterjaxx know what it takes to make a mainstage crowd go wild.

The Trailer Of ‘Beats’ Is Breaking The Internet With It’s 90’s Rave Culture!

Yes! The 90’s rave culture is coming of age with the film ‘Beats’, which will hit theatres in the UK and Ireland on May 17.

W&W and Maurice West link up for massive banger – Matrix

As one of the most esteemed dance music duos of their time, W&W are looked up to by many up-and-coming acts and promising talents.

Maurice West drops ‘The Kick’ on Rave Culture

Although some might take it slow during the holiday season, Maurice West is still racing towards the end of the year at top speed.

W&W introduce new Rave Culture

A new rave movement is on the rise, and W&W are the ones responsible. Their new concept is meant to reshape the dance music experience for the most passionate ravers and marks the beginning of a new movement and label: Rave Culture.

Auxport – Rave Culture (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

Auxport proudly present their next release, “Rave Culture” which will be out September 7 via T.H.E – Recordings.

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