Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Mix Of The Week: John Dopping

John Dopping is a professional composer, instrumentalist, and producer with over a decade of experience across club music, progressive rock/metal, and jazz. John’s solo career...

PREMIERE: Rising Producer Feather Releases Debut Single ‘Safe House’

Opening with commanding vocals, ‘Safe House’ gradually swells with energy before flooding with a profound melodic bassline. Straddling the lines between pop and dance...

BlareMob Releases A Fresh 5 Track EP, ‘Dreams & Nightmares’

BlareMob duo Keshav Bhardwaj and Himanshu Chhabra are here to bless us with their second EP of the year, but this time they have...

Sabai Delivers Full “Where It All Began” EP

Sabai’s documentation of the rise and fall of a real relationship, the journey through ‘Where It All Began’ started earlier this year with February’s...

Digital Edition Of Amsterdam Dance Event Attracts An Audience Of Millions

The 25th edition of Amsterdam Dance Event, which took place digitally over the past five days has reached millions of visitors from around the...