Mindfold duo share 1 hour of the freshest Psy-Trance sounds, from across the globe. Choosing 9 tracks including their originals and remixes, this 1 hour is a dream for all psy-trance fans.


Symbolic - Insidious (Remix) 00:00
Self - Mother Nature 07:40
Self - Wet Devices 13:45
Self - Modulators (live edit) 19:31
Self - Radian 26:51
Self & Mack - To The Limit 34:12
Mindfold - Steinbruch 40:30
Earthling & GMS - Life After (Remix) 46:29
Mindfold - The Departed 53:01

About Mindfold

These two brilliant artists have established themselves on the international circuit very well over the past few years, and with their music they are giving us a preview of what is yet to come out of the mindfolds of these exceptional new rising stars. Expect top production standard, most creative design, and a unique sound selection that is beautifully arranged. With fat bass and cutting edge synth lines, their music will take you on a reverberated journey through the past, present and future of psy-trance. Buckle up and enjoy the take-off.

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