T.H.E – Recordings

DubTronic – Paradise (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

DubTronic make their return to T.H.E – Recordings with ‘Paradise’, out now on Beatport.

Bradley James – Swarm (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

Released on the 25th of January, 2016 ‘Swarm’ is Bradley James’ return on T.H.E – Recordings, following his successful project ‘Akula’.

Aditya Malve – KOHRA (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘KOHRA’ by Aditya Malve is out now on T.H.E – Recordings!

Physical Phase – Pla Redo (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Pla Redo’ by Physical Phase is out now on T.H.E – Recordings!

Impera – Get Up (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Get Up’ by Impera is out now on T.H.E – Recordings!

Onomatopoeia – Starlight (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Starlight’ by Onomatopoeia is out now on T.H.E – Recordings!

Soulfest – Feel This Moment (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Feel This Moment’ by Soulfest is out now on T.H.E – Recordings!

Giuliano Daniel – Stalker (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Stalker’ by Giuliano Daniel is out now on Beatport via T.H.E – Recordings.

Stratos Kokotas – Next 3 Days (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Next 3 Days’ by Stratos Kokotas is out now on T.H.E – Recordings.

Karan Kanchan – Elevate (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Elevate’ by Karan Kanchan is out now on T.H.E – Recordings.

Airborne Feat. Miriam Owens – Fly (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Fly’ by Airborne featuring Miriam Owens is out now on T.H.E – Recordings.

Bradley James – Akula (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]

‘Akula’ by Bradley James is out now on T.H.E – Recordings.

T.H.E - Recordings originated in Mumbai, India, is the brainchild of the T.H.E - Music Essentials team. T.H.E - Music Essentials is a dance music blog established for the sole purpose of providing the latest snippets from the world of electronic music. Based on a strong foundation of artistic purity, T.H.E - Recordings aims to propel artistic growth as well as deliver the best from the best.You can submit your demos to [email protected] Please note the below before submitting your demo:- Private Soundcloud links with the download enabled. - No previews or alternate links allowed. Finished and mastered tracks only. - Don’t submit bootlegs, mash-ups or promos. - Brief description about the track. - Links to social media.For more information, send an email to [email protected]

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