Eric Prydz’s Epic 3.0 show At Madison Square Garden was just EPIC!


Eric Prydz has been known for throwing the biggest and best live performances in the world of EDM. However his Epic 3.0 at Madison Square Garden was in a league of its own!


From astonishing projection mapping that created 3D images in front of the DJ giving it the feel of a hologram to the 32 lazer extravagance, the show was a visual feast.


Prydz also played close to 10 tracks from his dark techno alter ego, ‘Cirez D’. A dream come true for many fans the set also featured private remixes that are probably never going to be released…EVER!

The entire show was 3 hours of good music and vibes with just one producer DJing on his CDJs, doing what he loves to do, sharing the music he makes with his fans!

You can listen to the set below.

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