Sunburn Arena with Nicky Romero, Mumbai, 24th November 2013!


“The level is raising. The game is changing. But I’ve got nothing Toulouse” flashed on the huge LED screen as world #7 DJ Nicky Romero kicked off his set at Sunburn Arena, Mumbai on November 24th, 2013 with his signature mask on. And the rest as they say is history !!

At a glance, stunning visuals, a great venue and an energetic crowd set up the mood just right for the spectacular night. Also, considering how the opening artists are neither to feature any of the tracks produced by the headliner nor play anything that the headliner might have in his set and yet get the high-on-expectations’ audience to shake a leg, Whosane, Anastasia and Anish Sood x Lost Stories did a commendable job.

The crowd now all geared up to blow the sky off, welcomed and cheered the symphonical star in great spirits. Putting their ‘toulouse’ masks on and making it look like a huge ‘Romero army’, everybody started enjoying the delightful set filled with melodies, bangers, new tunes and everything else you can think of to their hearts’ content.

Singing and dancing to all his tunes – an acapella of Iron, I Could Be The One, Like Home, his latest collaboration with Krewella, Legacy (the track that probably got the biggest uproar), along with the rest – fans were totally absorbing in every moment of the electronical experience.

Nicky also played his recently released remix of Zedd’s ‘Stay The Night’, definitely proving that he not only has the ability to create his own melody, but can also remix another melodious track and make it his own with his own brilliant beats connecting directly with the hearts beating with joy in the audience. Cashing in on Martin Garrix’s ‘Rage’, he further played ‘Animals’ and the upcoming tune ‘Wizard’ back to back followed by a few Hardwell tracks like Countdown and the remix of ‘The Man With The Red Face’. Some other tracks included ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Live for the night’, ‘If I lose myself’, ‘Wake Me Up’ among the amazing others.

Not to be missed, were two upcoming releases on Protocol Recordings – Colors by Tritonal and Paris Blohm, as well as Nicky’s new ID track, which the dance music community now eagerly awaits to be released. Closing with a hard-style remix of Legacy that sent the audience into raptures, an emotional Nicky greeted his fans and left them wanting for more. The gig did live up to its massive hype giving us some really fond memories and taking India one step ahead in it’s great EDM journey.

Check out some amazing fan videos captured at Sunburn Arena with Nicky Romero, Mumbai, 24th November 2013 below! Help us share these amazing moments with our #EDMFamily.

Written by-

Shantanu Puro

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