Eric Prydz announces the biggest EPIC production till date – HOLOSPHERE

Eric Prydz holosphere

Eric Prydz’s live shows are many leagues above any other shows that you could ever think of.

Each time there’s an EPIC show, fans from across the world throng to it not just for his music but also to witness the biggest hologram displays in the world. After a few years of mind-bending concepts, Eric has decided to take the project many notches up.

In his recent announcement on Instagram, Eric announced what he called the most technically advanced EPIC production – the EPIC: HOLOSPHERE. Their idea and imagination were so grand that the technology wasn’t available, which propelled Eric’s team to develop their own technology. Now that’s some dedication.

Iconic things in the world need iconic platforms to truly reach out to the largest number of people and thus, EPIC: HOLOSPHERE’s World Premiere will happen at the Tomorrowland festival on the 19th and 26th of July, 2019.

Get ready to be blown away by an idea that has taken 2 whole years to manifest itself. This definitely will be one of the biggest announcements that the dance music scene will hear this year. Let’s just wait and pray July comes soon!

Pavan Kumar


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