HAAi’s debut full length EP – Motorik Voodoo Bush Doof Musik, is now out on Coconut Beats

Motorik Voodoo Bush Doof Musik

Motorik Voodoo Bush Doof Musik is what the album is called and it’s a package of a very unique flavor of music. After many releases that stood out, on her label Coconut Beats, HAAi has now released her full length EP.

The track, ‘Your Disk Is Full’, is an opener that’s got a primordial touch to it, coupled with some other-worldly vocals. It offers the perfect opening to sets, and has become a favourite of Denis Sulta. The next track, which is the title track ‘Motorik Voodoo Bush Doof Musik’ pushes the tempo one level higher. The percussion and the unique vocals make it truly groovy and psychedelic.

Featuring the vocals of Taigen Kawabe of Japan, ‘I Never Cared Much For Jungle’ seems to be a very distinctive track. The track merges heavy hitting music, along with a lot of echoey stuff. The package also comes with a dub version of this track. The final track, ‘Growing Up With Muscle Cars’, kicks up the tempo a big deal. The end to the release with this track, makes it quite dramatic in the way it sounds. It is absolutely emotive and sucks you into it.

Speaking about the EP, HAAi says: “This EP was made after I realised that what inspired me most was to combine my love of electronic music with the music I enjoy outside of the club. I decided to collaborate with friends from a couple of my favourite bands, including Fay Milton (Savages) who provides live drums on Motorik Bush Doof Musik and Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen) who performs on I Never Cared That Much For Jungle. For me, having live instrumentation on the EP adds an extra depth to the tracks & has given me a vision of how to I’d like future releases to sound. 

My fave track off the EP, Growing Up With Muscle Cars, is an homage to my step dad who repairs and restores old muscle cars. He also used to take me to the drags in my hometown when I was little. We would push the race cars out onto the track. Some of my favourite memz as a lil kid.”

The Phonox resident is gearing up for her own series of Coconut Beats International parties at the venue. She will be hosting talents like DJ Nobu, Gilles Peterson, DJ Boring across the next two months. She will also continue her Coconut Beats show on Worldwide FM.

Buy this album here.


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