Harrison India Tour 2016 – Backstage interview with Harrison


Born and raised in the UK, Harrison has accomplished a lot within the music industry by the age of 23.

Many will recognize Harrison as a singer and others as a DJ, but his uniqueness lies in the great combination of the two, a “hybrid” artist unlike any other in his scene. His talented songwriting and pitch-perfect voice has opened doors to many opportunities in the dance music industry including collaborations with global superstars like David Guetta and Hardwell.

With so many incredible opportunities already lining up in succession for Harrison, his live dates read equally as strong, zig-zagging across the globe to play the main stage of South Africa’s H20 Festival, a mini-tour of China, a date in Barcelona, yet another appearance at London’s famed Ministry Of Sound nightclub and most recently, an India tour. We caught up with the guy at his gig at Kitty Su, Mumbai and discussed his collaboration with Vinai, and what he is looking forward to considering its his first India tour. Read our chat below.

Zeeshan – Hi Harrison, how have you been doing?

Harrison – I’m very well. Tired. It’s always tiring when you get on a plane into a long journey. But it’s so nice to come to a new country and place, new fans and experience a new culture, so very happy to be here.

Zeeshan – Its your first tour in India, how do you feel about it?

Harrison – Well, I feel super happy. I think it’s an honor to be invited to play in different places and to do it as a job is a crazy experience. I am honored to be here and so I’m feeling super special. So, it’s amazing.

Zeeshan – Apart from gigs, is there anything else on your agenda?

Harrison – Yes. I have a brand new single coming out on April 22nd called LA girls along with Juicy M and it’s going to be released under Armada. And I’m going to Majorca next week to shoot a music video. So that’s what I am really looking forward to.

Zeeshan – What do you expect from the crowd here? Are there any upcoming releases which you will premiere on the tour?

Harrison – To be honest I really don’t know what to expect but I am hoping that it’s going to be some energy there and we’ll see, I have got a bunch of new songs to play so you know its them actually.

Zeeshan – You recently collaborated with Vinai on ‘Sit Down’. Could you tell us how this track came about? How have fans reacted to it?

Harrison – Harrison Music is the act where it’s about making the crowd react. So “Aint a Party” was making everybody raise their hands up in the air; “The Wave” is moving everybody’s hands side by side. And I thought what else can I do, it was only one more thing I could do and that was make you sit down. “Sit Down” for me was super duper track. I did it to make the festivals around the planet go crazy. W&W told me it’s the biggest song in their set, so that was a good thing to hear.

Zeeshan – You’re a DJ and a vocalist. Does that give you the edge in terms of live performances?

Harrison – Well. I wanted to be the D.J. in the beginning. But it was so hard because everybody wanted to be one. But I had a voice and I used my voice to get to where I needed to be. And then I was also teaching during my shows and singing, and sometimes just two things people have never seen before. But it’s like cool, I mean I’m definitely up there to be one of the most sampled vocalists and a lot of people want to play and it’s just a special thing. So it’s like you have an individual and the show lets very much of the outgoing and appreciation to it. But yeah it’s going to harder.

Zeeshan – Thank you for the interview and wish you the best with your India tour!


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