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HEREN’s roll of releasing airwave friendly, dancefloor accessible singles continues as the artist presented his latest offering ‘Stranger’ (Get To Know Me’) – further cementing an enviable position of being able to traverse seamlessly across musical soundscapes & in fine fashion.

We caught up with the gifted producer from Barcelona and spoke about his new single, and his top three collaborators.

T.H.E – Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, HEREN! How’s it going and what have you been up to? 

HEREN – It’s going well, thanks for asking. Been pretty busy lately, the remix I did alongside B Jones for Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s “Savages” has just dropped on SONOS / Armada music I’ve also released a new single called “Stranger (Get To Know Me)” that I am very happy with.

T.H.E – We’re fans of the vibes that your new single Stranger (Get To Know Me) brings. What was the main inspiration behind the record? 

HEREN – I started working on the chords in September last year then left the project for a while. But right in the middle of the winter season I kind of started missing the summer vibes and started working on it again. It was a great way to get through it and keep my mind away from the cold.

T.H.E – What inspired the title Stranger (Get To Know Me)? Is there a cryptic message behind it?

HEREN – Hahaha well, kind of, I always like the lyrics on my tracks to be about something real or that might be familiar with many people. I think it makes the song more interesting and appealing.

T.H.E – What influences do you draw on to continuously inspire yourself as an artist, after such a strong & consistent run of releases in recent times?

HEREN – Many many things actually, from listening to different genres of music to a feeling I might get while doing an activity. But to be honest it really helps to have a good work ethic. Inspiration usually comes once I sit in the studio, try different ideas and get to work.

T.H.E – You’ve worked with a variety of revered industry figures, including Deep Dish’s Sharam & Dragonette. If you had to name your top three collaborators that you haven’t worked with (yet), who would they be?

HEREN – Always a tough one but I would say:

Deadmau5 – I think he is a genius

Dondiablo – he does the best house music right now

Axwell – I really love his productions.

T.H.E – We’re also fans of your alternative HEREN remix on Stranger (Get To Know Me), a tougher more dancefloor focused groove. What would you describe as your trademark sound? 

HEREN – Thank you!! Not sure I can say I’d have a trademark sound but I reckon there are certain touches that might help in recognising my work. The idea is to try to surprise people in every project I take on whether it’s a new single or a dance floor remix.

T.H.E – Which sound is dominating the music scene in your homeland right now & have streaming services also taken a stronghold there? 

HEREN – I would say it’s something happening globally as Latin music and Trap music are taking over the world right now, it’s crazy and quite interesting at the same time.

T.H.E – Thanks for joining us HEREN, we look forward to hearing more of your studio output in the coming months!

HEREN – Thank you, guys. Always appreciate your support.

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