Skrillex to throw fundraiser for a Burning Man art project


Skrillex’s love for Burning Man keeps on growing as the artist plans a fundraiser for one of the art projects at the event – the ‘Space Whale’.

Skrillex will headline a concert in Reno on May 27th to help raise money for the Space Whale art project at Burning Man. The sculpture is a 50 foot installation constructed with a steel backing and over 1800 stained glass panels depicting a humpback mother whale with her calf. An ode to family, relationships, space, time, nature, and our responsibility to the environment, the space whale has been designed by visual artist Android Jones & The Pier Group.



The concert will feature the likes of Vindata, PsyFi, and Richard Xavier. Tickets have been priced around $30-$50. All proceeds from the event will go towards funding this art project. The Pier Group and Android Jones have already raised around $57,000 of the estimated total of $125,000.

“It’s hard to even find the words for it. [Skrillex] is super engaged with Burning Man and the arts community,” says Matt Schultz, lead artist of the ‘Space Whale’.


Tickets are on sale now!

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