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With it’s inception in Ibiza, DLDK has been on a steady upward trajectory towards establishing itself as one of the world’s biggest dance music platforms in the live festival circuit. A co-founder of DLDK and an artist of various capabilities, Sem Vox is on a similar trajectory towards establishing himself as one of the biggest dance music acts in the world, with a huge fan following and massive DJ support, from over the years. Previewing a massive collaboration with Third Party, that has had the grapevine buzzing for a while now, Sem Vox shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

As DLDK makes it’s way to India for it’s first ever edition in the sub continent, we had a chance to chat with the man himself! Excerpts below!

Varun – Hi there! Thanks for taking time out for this interview. How was your experience at Kingsland this past week?

Sem Vox – Hey! No problem of course! It was absolutely amazing. The whole atmosphere at kingsday in the Netherlands is really special and makes the party’s even better. A festival with such amazing artists is really a dream coming true.

Varun – You’ve been associated with the biggest labels and your music has been hitting the right notes, in the realm of dance music! How has the journey been, from when you started out?

Sem Vox – When I started playing and producing music, it was great and unreal to see my passion grow into my fulltime job. My work was getting more and more response, not only from the crowed but also from other artists, radio stations, labels, promoters and so forth. Looking back on everything it felt like a movie of some sort. Very unreal and blessed to do what I love most!

Varun – You’ve produced the massive DLDK 2016 Anthem, Get It Up, which has garnered support from the big names and has been doing great in the charts as well! Can you tell us more about how this association with DLDK came about?

Sem Vox – DLDK and Sem Vox go way back, I’ve been the resident DJ of DLDK since its start in Ibiza. I feel privileged to be a part of the team. Because of the residency, it was a logic next step to create the first track for the Don’t let Daddy Know music label which also became the DLDK anthem.

Varun – What are you most looking forward to on your India show, considering it is one of the most unique venues to play at?

Sem Vox – A lot of things! The people in India are awesome and always full of energy. As you mentioned the venue is one of a kind and has an immense history. We could never dream of such an astonishing location to make the DLDK India debut!

Varun – You started from scratch, and made it to the top in such a short period! What would you advise upcoming producers looking to follow you’re footsteps?

Sem Vox – Be unique, work really hard and find joy in everything you do. If you love what you do then you will automatic do it with passion. This will result in great work. It might sound cliché to read but it really worked for me and I still do it!

Varun – One thing that you can’t do without in the studio?

Sem Vox – Decent equipment. You don’t have to spent you’re lifesaving on studio monitors or a good computer. Ass long ass you can continue with your workflow without being disrupted it is enough. It surely helps a lot with better equipment, but it is not necessary to make music and be creative. And thee, I love drinking thee while making music, it makes me feel relaxed and focused.

Varun – What’s the weirdest pre-show ritual that you’ve seen amongst your contemporaries?

Sem Vox – I know Steve Aoki asks for local grass in his rider, lol. Ive never seen it

Varun – What’s next for Sem Vox on the release front?

Sem Vox – It is still kind of a secret, but I will release a track with the famous Third Party! I’m very excited about the collab and mix of different styles between the three of us. So keep an eye out for this one!

Varun – What are your 5 essential tracks at the moment?

Sem Vox –

1. Get It Up – Sem Vox
2. Never Let you go – Third Party & Sem Vox
3. Pyro – Asonn
4. ID 2 – Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman
5. Roses ( King Arthur VIP mix )

Varun – Thanks for this interview! Looking forward to your performance at #DLDKIndia. :)

Sem Vox – Thanks you for the interview and you’re time! Hope to see you there!

Purchase the tickets here.

More information on #DLDKIndia, here.

You can also check out the DLDK India 2016 anthem, ‘Mumbai’ by Sem Vox right here.


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