TomorrowWorld faces huge backlash from fans & artists


Following the events of the past weekend, TomorrowWorld promoters have faced a huge backlash for several reasons.
Complaints from fans, the deplorable state of the Dreamville grounds post the festival and trolls from deadmau5 have not helped improve the image of the event’s organizers.

Lets start off with this fans message to the organizers,

Even Kaskade supported the fans on this one,

Though TomorrowWorld did release an official apology, I don’t think fans are gonna forget what happened so easily,

TomorrowWorld has a lot to answer for including a mess of a campsite; and there are still likely reports of sickness caused by the adverse conditions that attendees found themselves in. Just see the deplorable state of the grounds in this video…

It seems campers were forced to leave stuff behind as some of them could not carry all their belongings across in the conditions for the long trek back to transportation.

And of course leave it to deadmau5 to make fun of the whole situation…

Oh yeah, TomorrowWorld is in a pretty big mess.

Khushrav Bhada
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