YOOKiE release surprise VIP of collab – “One Life” with Slander


Fans of Slander & YOOKiE’s One Life ft. Zach Sorgen are in for a treat today, as YOOKiE drop a surprise VIP of the track to coincide with their EDC performance this week.

One Life was an interesting step in to a more emotive soundscape for the duo, so what better way to further push the boundaries of that experimentality than release a fresh take on the single.

Expect the unexpected, as YOOKiE shake up One Life and breathe new life into a track that took the dance music world by storm. Pairing the euphoric melody of the original with a unique, bass-infused touch, the producers live up to their reputation as one of the scene’s most unpredictable acts.

“We really wanted to switch the vibes up for One Life, so we made this deep VIP. It’s a culmination of what we’re into right now and we hope you dig it” – YOOKiE

Time and time again, YOOKiE deliver above and beyond anyone’s expectations. There’s no slowing down for the New York brothers, who knew from a young age that they would realise their creative vision through bass music. Via their collaboration with Slander, YOOKiE dive into an unexplored territory that takes the form of a roller coaster of emotions – all the while infused with the YOOKiE’s trademark deep dub sound.

One Life VIP has already gained support from Excision and Slander amongst others, as well as being featured as part of YOOKiE’s recent guest mix for BBC Radio 1 with Annie Nightingale. Check it out!

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