[Watch] Klingande – 3 years of Music and Love


Klingande has just released a short movie ‘3 Years of Music & Love’ speaking about his early beginnings, the success of ‘Jubel’ and offering an exclusive sneak peak of his brand new single ‘Losing U’.

Melodic house aficionado Cedric Steinmyller – best known as Klingande – has been a welcome breath of fresh air to the dance music scene, with his sublime and soulful sound capturing the hearts of legions of fans across the globe. ‘3 Years of Music & Love’ follows the young star as he reminisces on his unbelievable career to date, from the moment he uploaded a track he made in his bedroom – ‘Jubel’ has since gone on to rack up over 130 million views on YouTube alone – to life on tour, playing some of the world’s most prestigious venues and festivals. Looking ahead, Cedric reveals his plans to bring his live band show concept around the world in 2016 and offers an exclusive sneak peak of his highly anticipated, superb new single ‘Losing U’.


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