Best EDM Playlists On Spotify

Best EDM Playlists On Spotify


Spotify has changed the way electronic music is consumed, making it more personalised, and easier for you to keep track with the latest releases, within your genre or by your favourite artists.

One way of keeping yourself updated with the best and the latest releases every week, are by following dedicated playlists, designed to be refreshed every week, so that all you need to do it follow them, and check them out once a week to know which songs you should keep an eye out for.

Given that electronic dance music covers a vast list of sub-genres, it’s difficult to find one playlist, that can do justice to every sub-genre.

Hence, we have created dedicated playlists for your favourite genres, from EDM to Trance, from Drum N Bass to Dubstep, so that you can be updated with your favourite sounds. All you gotta do is follow us, and check them out every week to know the best and the latest releases in that genre. Check it out!

Best EDM Playlists On Spotify

EDM Essentials

Trance Essentials

Techno Essentials

Drum N Bass Essentials

Dubstep Essentials

Don’t forget to share them with fellow dance music enthusiasts, and let us know which genres would you be checking out each week.

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