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Having been a fan of dance music and Armin van Buuren since 2003, I was inspired to start my own electronic music publication with a very simple, and clear goal - to share electronic music with old, and new fans alike. Working alongside a great team has made me keep that goal alive, and build on it.

The Essentials Mix by Khushrav Bhada

Khushrav Bhada, a young talent and music enthusiast. A DJ and mashup artist, he has his own Podcast titled ‘The Essentials Mix’ which has released close to 40 episodes to date. The Essentials Mix aims at spreading the latest electro dance music available online. Started off as an hour long mix, the Essentials is now an approximate 30min mix comprising of 12-15 of the weeks latest track...

Home Grown Talent

The Netherlands and Sweden have traditionally been the two countries dominating the dance music scene, with a number of young artists emerging year after year. With college programs specifically meant for music production education, the system in these countries is highly efficient and supports young talent, which ultimately results in a number of skilled DJ’s flowing out of these countries year a...

Quote of the Week – Skrillex

“Hip-hop and electronic music are so similar, in the fact that they’re both very visceral, have so much bass; a lot of times, it’s the same tempos. The culture and some of the sound design is different but a lot of times, it’s the same stuff.” – Skrillex  

Quote of the Week – Eric Prydz

“I never try to please others when I make music; There is only one person who has to like what comes out of those speakers and that person is myself!” – Eric Prydz  

Quote of the Week – John00Fleming

“Most producers today just want to become famous so they look at what has previously been a hit and try to recreate that obvious trance sound. In the old days, I don’t want to sound like an old fart, but people made trance music because they loved it not because they wanted to have a hit…… Don’t worry about the obligatory drum rolls and crescendos, follow what your heart is telli...

Quote of the Week – Avicii

“When it comes to electronic music, I started listening to a lot of Daft Punk, way before I knew what house music was, and then progressed into a lot of Steve Angello, Eric Prydz, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Laidback Luke”. – Avicii

Quote of the Week – David Guetta

“When I play, people are as one on the dance floor. I want the same for the world. No matter how busy you are or where you are, we all share this planet and help each other. We should be as one.” – David Guetta  

Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast

Latest Markus Schulz's Cloudcasts on Mixcloud  

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