King of Electronica – Bonobo set to visit Bengaluru in February 2019

Vh1 Supersonic Arcade brings the nominee of Grammy Award and the British Sensation Bonobo to create magic in Bengaluru on 15th February 2019.

Vh1 Supersonic 2019 reveals Phase One lineup

Musically diverse, ambiently extravagant and spiritually free – welcome to the world of Vh1 Supersonic.

Simon Green – The face behind Bonobo

Simon Green. The name may sound quite obscure. Probably not as well known. But the name Bonobo definitely makes heads turn.

5 remixes that prove Bonobo’s mastery at remixing!

Bonobo’s music transcends boundaries. His music luxuriates in detail and betrays a deep-rooted love of sound, texture and atmosphere, whether it be of unusual or mundane attribution, it doesn’t matter. Bonobo’s lush, emotive productions are, in their own quiet way, revolutionary in a mainstream musical landscape. The timeless touch to his production has been the reason behind the love he has recei...

[Album] Bonobo – Migration

Our artist of the month, Simon Green aka Bonobo returns with his sixth album, the masterful, magisterial “Migration” – a record which cements his place in the very highest echelons of electronic music and beyond.

Read how animation and music collide in the intricate world of Bonobo’s videos

Simon Green, aka Bonobo, has firmly established himself as one of Britain’s finest contemporary electronic artists of recent years.

Artist Of The Month For January 2017 – Bonobo

There are extraordinary talents that few possess in the realm of creativity. Whether artistic merit, a keen imagination, or power behind production, some individuals seem to blossom in any medium. Simon Green, commonly known as Bonobo, is one evident example. Seamlessly switching between genres, from downtempo, chillwave and ambient, Bonobo is one of the finest and one of the most respected artist...

Bonobo, Rhye – Break Apart

Simon Green aka Bonobo presents “Break Apart” featuring Rhye, the second track taken from his sixth album, “Migration”.

Bonobo announces new album ‘Migration’

Simon Green, better known as Bonobo is an evident example of mammoth talent, immense creativity and emotive productions. There are very few artists who fit the bill but Bonobo has blossomed in every possible medium. Bonobo is one of the finest artists to come out of Britain considering the enormous list of legendary acts the country holds. The timeless touch to his production has been the reason b...

Star Wars themed EDM album coming out soon

An electronic ‘Star Wars’ themed music compilation album is coming out soon!

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