9 Things To Talk About: Fedde Le Grand

fedde le grand interview

To celebrate our 9th birthday, we caught up with Fedde Le Grand to discuss 9 topics, ranging from upcoming singles, his label – Darklight Recordings, 2021 plans and more.

T.H.E – New Singles??

Fedde Le Grand – My first track of this new year was with 22 Bullets, “Bang Bang”. We did a remake of Nancy Sinatra’s track, which is one of my all time favourites. And, I’ve just released with Melo.Kids “In Love With You” on my own label. I’m planning to release more on Darklight Recordings and to do more collabs with talented artists. This is why I’ve started my own label so be ready ;-)

T.H.E – Plans for 2021?

Fedde Le Grand – I have many plans. I want to make as much awesome music as possible, stay fit and healthy, and open up the new location of my restaurant. Also, “note to self” — have fun and enjoy the moment and the small simple things. The high speed train is now a stoptrain in my life and I’m really loving it.

T.H.E – New hobbies?

Fedde Le Grand – Yeah, same as everyone — cooking and maybe also patisserie things. I love food and especially sweets ;-)

T.H.E – Fulltime DJ or fulltime Producer?

Fedde Le Grand – Right now??? Full-time producer. In the future 50/50, that will be the best balance for me.

T.H.E – Favourite festivals?

Fedde Le Grand – Tomorrowland, Ultra, Palmesus, and Sunrise.

T.H.E – Plans for Darklight Recordings?

Fedde Le Grand – We have lots of plans, especially for our artists. I’m doing collaborations with them and we’ve been working hard to give them a bigger platform overall, and hopefully soon some Darklight sessions events.

T.H.E – Collabs you would like to do?

Fedde Le Grand – Band: With American Authors
DJ’s: Armin van Buuren & Oliver Heldens
Singer: Lizzo

T.H.E – Favourite food?

Fedde Le Grand – Italian or Japanese.

T.H.E – Inspiration for music?

Fedde Le Grand – From everywhere. At the moment, I have more time to listen to different things. So, currently my inspiration comes from listening to all kinds of music.


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